Debata je lehce moderovaná (opravení nefunkčních odkazů). Zkuste nespamovat... moc. Díky.
Napsal: Nerhinn
18.3.2019 17:09 - LokiB
Tak lidi upsali na Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina Animated Special už přes 7,5 milionu dolarů ... tedy 10x původně požadovanou částku.
22.3.2019 08:32 - exi
Po 15 letech oznámený novy Masquerade Bloodlines ze světa WoD.
27.3.2019 18:39 - Maelik

Kesselya píše:

The players can enter in one of the 3 outer markers with the thick black border. To do so, they need to successfully pass a skill check with that number. 5 is ridiculously easy for a 4th level character, so they clearly had no problem getting on the board. We used our tokens/minis to keep track of where they are. When making a skill check, I had my players roleplay the action by telling me what they tried to do with the skill.

The next skill test MUST be made by a different character, and you can only connect to a location that is occupied by another character. Two characters can leap frog one another, moving along the paths. You attempt a skill roll and then if you are successful, you move onto the circle you are targeting. Assist another actions can only be taken by players who are adjacent to the circle being moved onto. By combining multiple types of skill checks, the overall difficulty rating goes down (instead of trying to brute force the shortest path and rolling all Stealth).

If the players fail - the path is blocked. They need to find a different route to the center.

Double coloured circles can have the players attempt either type of skill.

There are 2 special types of circles. The gold circles labeled +1 will grant the players a permanent +1 bonus to their skill rolls (rewarded for taking the longest possible route). I had special roleplaying encounters and puzzles planned for when the players went to a gold marker. For example, they had to solve a logic puzzle mapping the subterranean tunnel paths and match a location (one led to Duskmantle, one to Orzhova, one to Rix Madi), a rune marker, and a method for drawing (drawn in blood, arcane mark, etched in stone, etc). By solving the logic puzzle, they were granted a permanent +1 bonus to skill checks to attempt the challenge.

The second special type are the purple U markers. These will allow the players to unlock a previously locked branch at the cost of a penalty.

D8 (or d6 if you don't want a combat option)
1 - You manage to trip a Dimir trap. Take 1d10 damage.
2 - You’ve been confounded by the Dimir memory charm. Disadvantage on next Red skill check
3 - A small bug bites you, and your leg begins to cramp. Disadvantage on next Green skill check
4 - A Dimir sentry has been alerted to your presence. Disadvantage on next Blue skill check
5 - You inhale a small cloud of purple smoke. You feel suddenly very guilty for doing this. Disadvantage on next skill check.
6 - A haze clouds your mind and voices whisper about your inevitable defeat. +1 difficulty to next skill attempt
7/8 - A Patrolling Spectre! FIGHT!

All said and done, my players REALLY enjoyed this. I plan on reusing it again, but selecting different kinds of skills to represent the different colours. A social skill challenge could use Persuade, Intimidate, and Performance. Or Persuade/Intimidate, History(Local/Nobility/etc), and Disguise. The possibilities are endless. The players could even define what each of the colours represent when they select the kind of roleplaying efforts they are making to overcome the skill challenge.

My players ended up with 2 botched skill checks right near the end and had to go through multiple paths to get to the center. They ended up having to get more successes over all compared to a more traditional skill challenge (because of the paths they chose to take), but nobody seemed to notice or mind. They were focused on the roleplaying and the mini-game this brought to the table.

Názor odborníků?
27.3.2019 21:17 - sirien
možná sem už dneska jen zpomalenej, ale cože a k čemuže to má bejt?
27.3.2019 21:22 - Aegnor
Pokud jsem to pochopil správně, tak by mělo jít o složitější skill challenge.
27.3.2019 22:27 - sirien
V tom případě to je dokonalá ukázka toho, proč 5e Skill Challenge zahodila, a doufám, že autor zůstal u 4e, v níž si podobné orgie může užívat dosytosti...
27.3.2019 22:32 - LokiB
To je taková hříčka, když se hráči nudí samotnou hrou, tak jak se v minihře rozptýlit :)
27.3.2019 22:47 - Colombo
Jebem na RPG, jdem hrát skill-challenge?

Mám deskovky, co mají jednodužší plán než tohle.
27.3.2019 23:08 - sirien
Mohla by to bejt zajímavá d20 variace na člověče pro 3 hráče.
28.3.2019 06:28 - LokiB
Tak někdo, když hraje celý den DnD si třeba v poledne odskočí k Talismanu, někdo si hodí partičku skill-challenge. Účel je podobný, trochu se odreagovat, tady navíc je to víc spojené s tou danou hrou ... nepředpokládám, že by takhle řešili situace každou chvíli :)
28.3.2019 15:32 - Maelik
LokiB píše:
nepředpokládám, že by takhle řešili situace každou chvíli

Nejsem si jistý z textu i z dalších příspěvků v té diskuzi se mi zdálo, že ten plánek autor používá obecně k projektování encounterů. Tj. ke každému kolečku je přiděleno jedno ověření dovednosti, nebo případně souboj, střed je cíl scény ke kterému se pokouší co nejrychleji dopracovat.

sirien píše:
Mohla by to bejt zajímavá d20 variace na člověče pro 3 hráče.

Hmm.. a možná by to bylo i rychlejší než standartní člověče..i když, těžko říct. Nicméně jako fantasy verze člověče nezlob se by to použitelné být mohlo... kdyby někdo trval na tom, že si nutně musí zahrát člověče nezlob se s NPCčkem..
2.4.2019 20:35 - sirien
Screen Junkies (6.5 Mio subs...) právě vpálili reklamu na Critical Role film do posledního Honest traileru
5.4.2019 08:27 - Ugy
Tak kickstaret na Critical Role překonal poslední stretch goal 8.8mil.
6.4.2019 15:14 - Maelik
Kdyby náhodou někdo chtěl víc strategie k boji...

Instrukce píše:

The chart is based on the premise that higher AC implies a greater ability to avoid damage. OP cleverly translated this into different methods of avoidance.
For example, perhaps a fighter attempts to dodge, parry, and redirect a flurry of attacks. This could correspond with turning the body to avoid hits in the first column (left side of the body), then bringing up a sword to deflect attacks (red), and finally trying to push away a fist aimed at the chest (say, the 8/9/11/12 quadrant). Obviously, a skilled combatant would be able to fit in more dodge attempts and thus get more opportunities to negate attacks.
In practice, this is what happens:
Before the attack is rolled, the defender chooses his "bets", which are simply areas that they want to protect. Higher AC means more bets. So in the example above, she would pick the 1st column, red, and the 8/9/11/12 corner bet (called a "corner" because the chips would literally be placed on the line intersection/corner where all those numbers touch). Higher AC means more bets. The DM could tweak the exact number based on expected damage output, balance, etc.
The attacker rolls his damage dice and a d100. The damage dice is the max damage that could be taken if nothing was blocked. The d100 is where the attack strikes. In practice, this is a d50 because all rolls greater than 50 are reduced by 50. I imagine you could also adapt this to say that an obvious multi-pronged attack (such as two Eldritch Blast rays) could have multiple associated d100 rolls to correspond with different targets on the body.
The bets are compared with the result. Let's say the d100 came up as a 9, a mace blow to the right shoulder perhaps. In this case, the bet on the 1st column (turning away the left side) didn't help at all because 9 isn't in the 1st column, so it doesn't negate anything. The bet on red (the deflection) worked because 9 is colored red. The 8/9/11/12 bet (the targeted push) worked as well, as the fighter successfully predicted the general area the mace was aiming for, and she managed to carry the mace's momentum away.
The damage is reduced according to what bets were successful. In this case, the red bet was worth 2 units and the 8/9/11/12 bet was worth 12 units of negation. This means that up to 14 units of damage was negated in total; any remainder would count as damage taken by the defender. If the negated is higher than the taken, this usually means 0 damage units are dealt, but the DM could decide that this damage is inflicted on the attacker in certain situations.
Most times, units are the same as HP, but a DM could easily make a unit equal 0.5 or 2 HP for balance and gameplay reasons.
Critical failures/successes should correspond with a set of five d100 results for each. Perhaps 00, 49, 2, 5, and 8 are critical hits due to location, while 1, 3, 43, 44, and 45 are critical failures. Or 00-4 is a critical hit and 95-99 is a critical miss. Up to you.
This system adds flavor to hits/misses while simultaneously opening new strategies. Does the PC try to cover their bases and negate a consistent but low amount of damage (i.e. betting on red, black, even, odd)? Perhaps they are almost dead and desperately fling an arm in front of their face, hoping for a miracle (i.e. betting just the number 2). Or maybe the NPC isn't martially trained and flails about, with sheer luck being the difference between a killing blow or a lucky dodge (i.e. betting on completely randomly single numbers) . Different betting tactics can mimic all these situations.
6.4.2019 15:58 - sirien
Tohle předpokládám tvořej lidi co reálně moc nehrajou, ale z touhy po hraní už jim hrabe.
6.4.2019 16:00 - ShadoWWW
jo, to by odpovídalo.
16.4.2019 19:53 - LokiB
Kdyby se chtěl někdo vzdělávat trochu více teoreticky, tedy spíše pro potřeby psaní knih, ale tak že ano ... :)
16.4.2019 19:59 - sirien
200E ročně... jako mám Neila rád, ale asi ne až tak moc :D
16.4.2019 20:02 - LokiB
Jak tu někdo psal nedávno ... co to je 100 dolarů? to si vydělaj v USA na pumpě za hodinu ;)
Ale zajímalo by mě, jestli skutečně z podobných kurzů někdy vzešel aspoň relativně úspěšný autor. nebo účastníci vědí, že to jsou peníze vydané za koníček, ale nic víc z toho nikdy nebude
16.4.2019 22:08 - efram
LokiB opověď lze nalézt v poslední knížce Tajný deník Adriana Molea :)
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