23.10.2007 13:47
Něco pro zasmání
Doufám že to ještě všichni neznáte. Hodně povedená záležitost.
Hůlkový řád
20.4.2019 15:59 - shari
21.4.2019 16:39 - Maelik
21.4.2019 19:07 - sirien
26.4.2019 18:57 - sirien
26.4.2019 19:27 - Šaman
A tak vznikl klasický Mizející pavouk z DnD 3.5e :)
26.4.2019 23:09 - krytah
Well, f*ck. :D
30.4.2019 03:08 - sirien
30.4.2019 06:40 - Colombo
What was your home called again?

Tímhle způsobem se ustanoví, že každé NPC lže.
30.4.2019 14:29 - Ugy
Z twitteru

Baby's First RPG:

You are Babies.
Your goal is to operate a rocket-propelled-grenade to take out the tank menacing your village.
Your stats are Cute, Needy, and Upper Body Strength
Distribute a +1, 0, and -1 among your stats, and start with one of your thumbs in your mouth.
Whenever you try to do something and the outcome is in doubt, roll a die and add the appropriate stat modifier.
If it's equal to or lower than the number of fingers in your mouth, it succeeds ridiculously.
If it's higher, it fails spectacularly but you've learned something along the way. Put another finger in your mouth.
Alternatively, another Baby may help you by explaining how you work together to then re-roll the die. Each Baby can only help once per roll.
Babies can never be physically harmed. If harm would come your way, explain how you miraculously avoid it, but cause chaos around you and remove a finger from your mouth.
You win when you fire the RPG at the tank and save your village.
30.4.2019 15:52 - Šaman
Tak takhle nějak bych si představoval vtipný příspěvek RPG kuchyně. Dokonce i mechanikou :)
(Prsty v puse jsou stejná mechanika jako dechové kostky, které se tu kdysi probíraly. Úspěchy vyčerpávají, neúspěchy naopak zvyšují šance na budoucí úspěch.)
1.5.2019 11:59 - Aegnor
1.5.2019 13:19 - LokiB
hehe :) dobrý
1.5.2019 14:46 - Tarfill
Tomu nerozumim... jak je to myšlený?
1.5.2019 14:47 - Aegnor
Kvalita jednotlivých sérií GoT.
1.5.2019 15:06 - Tarfill
Jen GoT? Takových seriálů ve skutečnosti je... ;-)
1.5.2019 16:40 - sirien
Ale GoT je zrovna velmi aktuální :)
6.5.2019 13:58 - Maelik
7.5.2019 20:16 - Aegnor
Tak, znovu se opřu do GoT, ale ... tohle mi nedá.
10.5.2019 11:26 - Vaarsuvis
Aegnor: To má být komentář ke 3. epizodě?
Z redditu

Chocolate Bar Custom Race

Right now I'm in the middle of the worst campaign I've taken part in thus far. The DM says she wanted to have a serious story-based campaign which amounts to the Steampunk French Resistance, but allowed players to make characters that include:

A schizophrenic Aarakocra who will cap random NPCs at any time because the voices tell him to.

After each long rest, he rolled percentile die to see what the voices say that day

A human monk who was cursed by his mom to always be naked and physically need to kill any horses that he sees

A chaotic evil eleven-year-old half dragon who loves to constantly interject with a quip and verbally backstab the party.

The DM actually killed that character on purpose.

This particular DM and her boyfriend also can't stop inviting people to the campaign, so we've had full dozen player sessions. Stuff isn't helped by how the DM has a speech impediment, enjoys constantly railroading the players from place to place, and loves having conversations with herself as her myriad of NPC characters. It's interesting to say the least.

For whatever reason, the DM doesn't really like my character all that much even though I can figure out when to shut-up unlike most of the other players. My character doesn't even have a stupid quirk, which actually be the issue because she doesn't think mine even has a personality.

As a sort of Death Insurance, I designed a race of sentient chocolate bars in about twenty minutes to discourage her from killing my character. I made it purposely conducive to be infuriating and will refuse to take no as an answer when asking "Can I use this custom race I made," citing all the dumb crap she's already let through as reason why she should let me do it. Granted, that is assuming she does kill my character on purpose.

Anyway, here's the fun stuff so you can use it too:

Extra Large Chocolate Bar Traits

Ability Score Increase

+2 to Charisma and Strength, +1 to Constitution, -2 to intelligence


Extra Large Chocolate Bars are spawned fully grown, but only live to be at most five years as they expire.


Extra Large Chocolate Bars tend to be neutral on the good-evil axis as they have not yet developed the understanding of such concepts of a race


Extra Large Chocolate Bars are consistently manufactured to be six feet tall. Your size is medium


Your default walking speed is 30 ft.

Chocolate Biology

As chocolate bars can hardly be considered alive, they are immune to poison damage and disease. Additionally, they are immune to cold damage.

Chocolate Cannibalism

When you eat chocolate or another coco based object, they regain 1d4 HP per object. One regular sized bar of chocolate, one pint of chocolate milk, etc. count as one object.


You character has X chocolate chunks where X is two times your level. They can allow any other character to take and eat one of those chunks to regain 1d8 HP. 1d4 of these chunks regenerate after a long rest or after you eat an equal number chocolate or other coco based objects.

I'm Melting

When you take fire damage, the five feet of terrain around you becomes difficult terrain for two minutes.

I have no hands

Your character has no hands or arms and cannot hold any weapons or objects and needs assistance with donning or doffing armor. They gain Mage Hands as a cantrip.

Weakness to Fire and Bludgeoning

When your character takes fire or bludgeoning damage, they instead take 2 plus that amount of damage instead.

Tool Proficiency

Your character is proficient in the use of bagpipes


Your character can read, write, and speak in Common and Primordial.

I image these just look like unwrapped Hersey's chocolate bars with big, cold, and dead eyes on the lower half, with stubby feet, no visible mouth, and just constantly act annoying and stupid to all other races.

If anyone has any recommendations as how to make it even worse while remaining in flavor for a chocolate bar, I am open to them.
10.5.2019 15:20 - sirien
vim že do mrtvol se nekope, ale když ona se tahle pořád ještě hejbe...

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